Higher Education

Digital models provide new ways for your students to access new material, or to enhance your own research. In addition to the 3D models, 2D captures are available that provide detailed illustrative material.

NU Digital Heritage has selected objects from the extensive collections of Hadrian's Wall that provide a wide range of options for use in teaching, research, and engagement. The collections provide a suitable entry to provincial and frontier material culture, whether making use of the 3D model or a 3D print.

Inscriptions consist of building dedications, tombstones, and altars, providing testament to the diverse people and activities to be found even at the northern fringe of the Roman Empire. The material is suitable for teaching on topics including: inscription; burial and mortuary practice; religion; and commemoration.

Sculpture presents both the widely recognized figures and symbols of the Roman Empire, and new figures and symbols particular to northern Britannia. Provincial styles will be recognizable among many of the sculptures. The material is suitable for teaching on topics including: art history; iconographic representation and symbolism; and religion.

The small finds are generally representative of the typical and more common objects used by the people of the Roman imperial era. The material is suitable for teaching on topics including: dress and appearance; household objects; the Roman army; style and typology (including chronology); and ancient technology.

In addition to the information pack provided with each model, further resources are available to supplement teaching are available through Newcastle University's free on-line course about Hadrian's Wall, including videos specifically presenting and discussing some of the models available here.